OGI Swap or how to make Crash Evil

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OGI Swap or how to make Crash Evil

Postby Neo_Kesha » Tue Mar 21, 2017 5:55 pm

So, most common question here is "How do i play as Evil Crash"? Well, it's pretty simple.
1) Firstly, open level (like AltEarth\Hub\altdoc.rm2) with Evil Crash Game Object (GO)
2) Open Evil Crash GO in Editor. It's |AltDoc|act_ALTEARTH_DOCAMOK_EVILCRASH here. But id is constant everywhere - 877
3) Ispect OGI List. As you can see, there is only one OGI ID - 947. 65535 is for N/A.
4) Jump to 8th step, if you want to make Crash evil in level with Evil Crash
5) We need not only OGI, but everything that comes with it. Easiest way to do it - Export Evil Crash GO. It will Extract everything that belongs to it.
6) Open any level with Crash, where you want to make him EVIL.
7) Use ADD button to add all OGI you have exported to OGI section. Do same procedures with ID4 and ID5 models, GC, Models, Materials and Textures.
8) Find Crash GO. It has 0 ID.
9) Open it in Editor and inspect OGI List. Most frequently enconter is 0 OGI ID - that is main model of Crash. Replace all 0 with 947 - ID of Evil Crash OGI. Keep in mind that Evil Crash does not have spinning animations and etc.
10) Save level, repack it and enjoy yourself

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