CrashTTR: PSP-PS2 Battle Arenas On PCSX2

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CrashTTR: PSP-PS2 Battle Arenas On PCSX2

Postby ShadowLuigi37YT » Tue Nov 06, 2018 6:27 am

Here's a mod that I made with NeoKesha's CTTR Editor, which to be fair hasn't really received an update in 2 years. But none the less it's still good for Crash Tag Team Racing and is also an alternative to using the tools made by Lucas and the Donut Team since those don't have the greatest support for modding CTTR, however the p3ds on the xbox version are actually viewable it's just that it's not all perfect. but it is quite easy to rip models.

Reasons for why I made this PSP-PS2 Battle Arenas mod.

Reasons being because I wanted to find a way to help those who weren't able to do the PSP-PS2 USB Connectivity stuff that are required to unlock the battle arenas and also cars as well, considering that those people I am talking about play the ps2 version of PCSX2. So like the person I am, I spent the weekend working on this to get the PSP battle arenas modded over the standard PS2 and other console release battle arenas that are pretty much default.

Hope You enjoy! and bare in mind that as of now it's a singleplayer only thing, you can play it in the singleplayer mod and in multiplayer mode but you can't play in splitscreen with another person because for that to work, I would also need to modify DEFAULT.rcf. And the fact that this is only for the NTSC version at the moment. But other than that, that's pretty much about it really!

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